🤘An Update From Our Devs

Metal Community! We have some fresh new updates to share with you that we are incredibly excited about. We sat down with our Dev team and talked with them about the milestones we’ve hit, the roadmap ahead, and what excites them most these days.

So sit back and enjoy some candid answers from our devs!


Q: Since our last update we’ve hit a ton of milestones. Which projects did you work on directly, and what are you most excited about?

@Jae, Senior Blockchain Engineer

I’m working on the live Pop service. Internally, we have a complete flow of funds working from one user to another. So when an eligible payment is processed, those transactions are getting Pop. We’re continuing to build out this system and working on keeping track of all eligible payments and the Pop to be distributed for those payments. We’re also testing and fine tuning the ruleset which will determine how Pop rewards are given out. The next step for me is defining this process on the backend and also to figure out how best to surface this functionality inside the app. I’m excited about seeing our users popping soon and enjoying that process.

@Joe, Senior Software Engineer, Web

A big milestone for me was the launch of our new website, which I’m glad to say has been really well received. I think its done a great job of showcasing our ambitious product and brand to the world! Currently, I’m focused on building out the Metal Dashboard. The Dashboard is a comprehensive internal monitoring and reporting tool. It’s creation was initially driven by the need for strong compliance and that’s really important to us, because we care a lot being a fully compliant company and to operate with the highest ethical standards. The Dashboard will help with fraud monitoring, identifying fraudulent transactions, and users that abuse the system, and it will even pinpoint when fake bank accounts are being linked to the system and catch any other data validation mismatch.

@Ephraim, Senior Software Engineer, iOS

So my work is focused on the iOS app, developing the user interface specifically, and it’s been so rewarding to work on an app that is so beautiful, easy to use, and fun! I’ve really enjoyed the freedom that comes with working with our super talented team of ex-Apple designers, people who know the iOS platform intimately, but have also gone above and beyond to design an app that is both optimized for iOS but at the same time is also unique to the Metal Pay brand. It’s an app someone can spot from a distance and know it’s Metal Pay, and I think that’s really exciting!

@Kenan, Lead iOS Engineer

There have been so many new developments! With regard to the Metal Pay app, my focus has been on contacts and connections related development. This has to do with reliably connecting your address book to make it easy for you to send and request payments from people you know.

I’m also working on the identification process known as KYC (or “Know Your Customer" this is so we can verify users during onboarding and ensure they are legitimate and that the bank account being connected is theirs. We work with a 3rd party to ensure that we have strong KYC on the platform, which can be trusted by users.

Q: Can you share some of the feedback given by the Metal Pay Alpha testers?

@Kenan, Lead iOS Engineer

Of course! We started Alpha testing with external users on April 6th, and in the last 6 weeks we've gotten some great feedback, and we have used it to continually improve the app! The feedback has been very constructive and the consensus is very positive. Basically, people say it’s the best payments app they've used and it's very easy to learn and use. Right now users have been testing without Pop being live inside the app, but recently we’ve hit major development milestones with Pop, so we’re excited to get the next major build to our alpha testers with live Pop!

@Ephraim, Senior Software Engineer, iOS

What I’ve really enjoyed about the feedback from our Alpha testers so far, is the insight they’ve given into what it's like living with the app everyday. It’s been great to see how positive the feedback has been, and how much people are loving the app. It’s also been great to see them calling for features or enhancements that are already on our to do list. To me that’s a sign that we are aligned with our users, and that our internal feature roadmap is on the right track.

Q: How is payment licensing moving along, state by state?

@Marshall, CEO

We are currently finishing our financial audit. At the completion of our audit, we can begin the licensing process for all fifty states in the US. Simultaneously, we’ve applied for our European entity and can begin the same process in EU at the completion of the audit. Although this process typically takes 1.5-2 years, we expect to move much faster with help from our financial partners — current and future — given the interest we will generate with our highly-anticipated launch.

Q: What is the next milestone you are excited to accomplish next?

@Jae, Senior Blockchain Engineer

Stress testing the platform! We have a comprehensive plan for performing load testing. That means we’ll be testing the system by making a very large volume of requests every second, which will help us in scaling the backend reliably. Part of the stress testing process also involves ensuring that all transactions are handled correctly, i.e. that Pop is given out correctly for every eligible transaction, and the system experiences no downtime.

We’re also working on concretely defining the rules which will govern how Metal will be distributed through Pop. As a company, we really want to encourage responsible financial behavior on the platform, and also cut down on fraudulent activity. We will do this by assigning a 'Pop score' to every user. This is an aggregate score that varies based on your usage of the platform, basically, a higher score means a user has greater opportunity to earn Metal through Pop.

So far we’ve seen very encouraging results from our testing, and I’m looking forward to moving to the buttoning down stage. At that stage, one of the key things we’ll be focused on is ensuring that all our user’s personal information is kept completely secure, and we’re going to do that by using the highest industry standards and best practices.

@Kenan, Lead iOS Engineer

I’m really excited to see the team grow further, we have a bunch of rockstars here and if you're looking for a game changing project to work on, you should come join our team! I’ve also been looking at my logs, and we've been pushing out builds with great frequency — 5 since we started alpha testing, so basically 1 every week — which is amazing. With every build we've shipped improvements, and I’m excited to get more builds out to our alpha testers... there's so much more to come!

@Ephraim, Senior Software Engineer, iOS

I’m excited to reach “feature parity”, which means implementing all the features that we set out to ship in our MVP.

We hope you enjoyed this update from our devs - more to come soon!

Have a good weekend,
-Metal Team