📣 A Metal Pay Alpha update is here!

Metalheads - it’s time for a new Metal Pay Alpha update! Not an Alpha tester yet? What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

First, a PSA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must delete your existing copy of Metal Pay QS before installing this update (and all others!)

And now, the good stuff! We’ve got a big update for you today!

What’s Changed

🤘 We’ve overhauled our data storage engine to utilize the power of Realm. That means increases performance across the board and super fast search!

🤘 The onboarding engine has been rebuilt from the ground up to be powerful and lightweight. This will allow us to make adjustments and improvements even faster.

🤘 Government issued Photo ID will now be required for all Metal Pay users on production. During Alpha, feel free to upload any image you’d like during onboarding.

🤘 The Profile section has been updated to have “Contact us” and “Learn More” line items. These options can be used to file bugs and view the Metal Pay knowledge base, respectively.

🤘 iPhone X users can now enjoy “bouncy” cards in the Discover section.

🤘 Fixed an issue where Force-Touching the app on the home screen didn’t function properly.

🤘 You can now use the “Return” key during onboarding to continue onto the next step when inputting text.

🤘 Corner radii of cards on non-iPhone X devices have been adjusted.

🤘 For all non-iPhone X uses, the status bar has been returned to you.

What We’re Working On

First of all, thank you all for your feedback and patience. We strive for quality in every release and take all of your input very seriously. We’ve created many tools since our last release that will allow us to build, test, iterate, and respond faster. Keep an eye out for our planned weekly releases each Wednesday, and don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the app by tapping Profile > Contact.

Here’s what’s coming:

🤘 A Discover section that's sure to impress. Awesome how-tos, insightful articles, and some interactive content as well. We’re filming this content now!

🤘 Improvements that will let you see all of your Metal and Pop-related information in one place and at a glance!